Owner: George Sollfrank • Graduate in Computer Science .      Über uns in Deutsch

  • 5 years study of computer science in Munich
  • 2 years freelancing for IBM during university from 1977
  • 3 years , as Managing Director of Alpha Soft GmbH programming and project management in projects for IBM , BMW, Haindl Papier and Alcor (IBM /370, 4300, 8100, IBM Series/1)
  • 4 J. in the Sollfrank System Development GmbH IT project management in the manufacturing industry, etc. BMW, Schiesser , Buehler MIAG
  • 3 J. merger with ADB GmbH Munich : Head of computer service center (IBM 4300)
  • 13 J. Manager at Compaq Computer in the internal IT for EMEA: European Projects for service processing, retail integration , system integration, Internet shops in Europe
  • Since 2002, in Holzkirchen as a freelance consultant for computer technology serving companies and private individuals in the south of Munich


  •  Design and installation of networks, installation of computer workstations
  •  Installation and support of Microsoft servers , including virtualized with Hyper- V or VMWare ESXi.
  • Support of desktop PCs and helping employees to applications, eg Office
  • repair of computers, eliminating problems such as viruses


Computer Consulting Sollfrank is primarily trying to support customers to help themselves .

We we try not to make the customer dependent on us , neither individuals nor firms . All documentation remains with you . We transfer knowledge to the extent possible and desired.

We tackle all problems , big or small. We take customers serious as a partner. First, we get your problem out of your way . However, the next step must be the identification of the root cause and it's solution . In order to maintain a stable state , we recommend a monitoring system, that reports even small symptoms before the problems get out of hand .

Customer Satisfaction : Every customer is treated individually. Everyone has different requirements . We respond flexibly to your situation and try to provide our services at an optimum price - performance ratio.


We service small companies or subsidiaries of international companies. Typically these companies have 1-4 servers and up to 15 employees. We also look after " one-man branches ' abroad .

We also serve a greater number of private clients.

Telephone contact :

Mon- Friday from 8.00 clock - 18.00 o'clock. By special contract: Saturday from 9:00 - 14.00 o'clock

Some work - especially at companies - require work in the evening, at night or on weekends . We have long accepted this and prepared ourselves .