You are an international company or
an english speaking individual
searching for computer support?


I have been working for more than 20 years in international companies.

And I am still supporting several english-speaking companies

For IBM 7 years, for Compaq computer 13 years.

I have supported the European HQ of an american company for several years.

I have a clear understanding of the requirements of multinational companies.

Do not hesitate to contact me +49 8024 92361 or

is a professional service company for all questions around the computer technology

Regional Focus

The regional activity is focused to Holzkirchen and surroundings.
But we also have clients in Munich and in the neighboring counties.

Telephone contact:

Mon- Fri from 8.00 - 17.00 o'clock 

Office hours: by appointment

Owner: George Sollfrank • computer scientist .

5 years university computer science in Munich
2 years freelancing for IBM during their studies in 1977
3 years , first as Managing Director of AlphaSoft GmbH programming and project management in projects for IBM , BMW, Haindl paper and Alcor
4 years system development / project management in the manufacturing industry, etc. BMW, Schiesser , Buehler MIAG
3 y. merger with ADB GmbH Munich :Head of computer service center (IBM /370)
13 y. Manager at Compaq Computer in the internal IT EMEA : European projects for service processing, retail integration , system integration, Internet shops in Europe
Since 2002, in Holzkirchen as a freelance consultant for computer technologyWe serve individuals and businesses in and around Holzkirchen.


COMPUTER CONSULTING SOLLFRANK is primarily helping customers without making them dependent on us .

All documentation remains with you . We transfer knowledge where possible and desired.

We tackle all problems , big or small.

We take customers serious as a partner.

First, the immediate problem is eliminated.

But the next step should be the identification of the root causes and solutions .

To keep the stable state , we recommend a monitoring system that reports minor symptoms before the problems get out of control .

Customer Satisfaction

Every customer is unique .
Everyone has different needs.
We are flexible in your situation and try to provide our services at an optimum price -performance ratio.

Working hours

Some work - especially in companies - require work in the evening , at night or on weekends.

We have long accepted this requirement and prepared ourselves .